AVADA – is the vietnamese short form for ,,An Vao Day´´ and simply means: Come to our place for dinner!
Our uniqueness is reflected in our taste.
AVADA is a new interpretation of Asian food and combines Sushi from the Japanese cuisine and traditional dishes from the Vietnamese street kitchen.
With almost 110 outdoor spaces and 66 indoor spaces we have created an oasis of well-being, which is giving you the feeling to dive into another world.
The outdoor seats are sorrounded by beautiful, warm lights.
And the view of the Neckarsee is rounding off the great picture harmoniously.
Experience Asian flair paired with European touch and joy us to linger in our exquisite ambience.
Enjoy the amazing view of the waterfall at our place and let yourself be pampered by our young and experienced cooks with delicate food.
We are serving culinary grill specialties as well as Sashimi.
Furthermore we are offering a variety of exotic salad variations and excellent meat menus.
The main course will be followed by finest dessert variations.
We will accompany you on the journey through South East Asia!
We want to be the reason you are coming back and never to forget the experience.
We are expecting you in the Neckarstr. 1, 72622 Nürtingen and are happy to welcome you soon!